Cheery Reminder

They are blooming now! Almond trees dot the mountains of Cyprus. They are one of the first signs of rebirth in spring. It happens so quickly. The barren branches of winter become laden with pale pink, delicate flowers practically overnight.

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The Sea and the Poet

We have had a few quiet and reflective days here by the sea in┬áPafos. I have really enjoyed the down time and the refreshing salt winds of the sea. It has been great to spend time knitting, reading, meditating, and writing some poetry of my own. Here’s one of the few that I have written in the last few days.

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Five Smooth Stones

Five stones in the dry brook bed of Elah… David may have chosen similar stones to kill the giant, Goliath. All though the photo doesn’t reveal the size… These are quite large, but probably not too big to fly through the air from a sling shot.

Last Friday, my husband, daughter, and I took a road trip from Jerusalem to the Valley of Elah. There are many locations in Israel where historians and archeologists are in disagreement about the authenticity, or maybe the site has changed over the years because of unexpected events. But this particular spot where David killed Goliath is pretty easy to find to this day. It is a matter of geography.

Elah means oak in Hebrew. The seasonal brook of Elah runs through the valley and is usually dry in summer. This photo taken just two days ago shows that it’s bone dry now in January. Oh how Israel needs rain! But it was probably from this place that David selected the five smooth stones.

We read the biblical account from I Samuel 17 aloud as we stood in the valley. It was easy to envision the battle with the Tel Azekah and Tel Sococh on the right and left, the hills were the Philistines camped and taunted the people of God.

Imagine this hill lined with enemy soldiers…

and this hill…

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