‘hallelujah chorus’ in hebrew

Recently performed throughout Israel, Handel’s Messiah in Hebrew. Above is the Hallelujah Chorus.

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african outback

the lost tribes of Israel

observe tradition

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poor in spirit

My husband and I recently visited Ethiopia, and we had the privilege of meeting some very fine men of God. Although they are some of the poorest people in the world as far as the world’s riches, they are men and women of stature in God’s kingdom. They are giants in the faith because their hearts burn with passion for God and passion for people.

These people live in mud huts with straw floors. They wash their clothes in spring water and pound them with rocks. They don’t use forks or knives but pick up their food with hunks of flat bread. They own the clothes on their backs and are blessed to have a pair of shoes too. Their drinking water is often unclean. Their dirt road runs with open sewage. They have no medical clinic in the village.

But when they pray, they move heaven and earth. And some of their prayers were directed toward my husband and me the day we met them. We felt the ground shake when they closed their eyes and bowed their heads.

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african animals and more…

Last week we traveled to Ethiopia. One afternoon my hubby and I rented a van and took a drive two hours south of the capital city, Addis Ababa, and had lunch in a hotel. Surrounding the place were beautiful grounds. The trees were laden with monkeys. Much to our surprise. We spent a delightful hour running after them like we were little kids again.

We also saw donkeys.

The cattle looked sadly skinny.

These two goats tried to get out of the rain by hovering close to the mud house.

We couldn’t get the tortoise to poke his head out… he wandered the hotel grounds randomly, freely. I wondered if someone fed him or if he was on his own like the monkeys.

They fend for themselves.

I named this black bunny Lily.

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Shavuot and Cheese Glorious Cheese!

The Festival of Weeks is also called Shavuot. In Hebrew, it means “weeks.”  In keeping with the cycle of the seasons, Shavuot comes when the goats and lambs are born and the new barley is planted. It is a time of rebirth. After the stark barrenness of winter comes the fresh green of spring. It is also the time commemorated as the Giving of the Torah.

In the Mid East, the animals graze on wheat, weeds, and grass—even in the desert—and produce sweet milk. Because of this—not just in the Jewish culture—spring festivals all over the world are associated with butter churning and cheese making.

In ancient Israel, Arab villages, and Bedouins tribes made cheese from sour milk. They strained it through a cheesecloth, molded into balls, and preserved it for winter by salting and drying in the sun. Refrigeration has cancelled this old method.

This is how goat cheese is made today.

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Old Jaffa Sea Port, Israel

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pine trees

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